About Us

This beautiful brick building situated on Highland Avenue was built in 1898 by Sylvester Rinerd as a summer home. It was names Sunset Hall and was the first large home built on the hill.

The home was later sold to Mr. and Mrs. Parley DeBerry and then to Mr. and Mrs. Deets Parrack Sr.  Just after the Parrack's bought the home in 1944, the Terra Alta grade school burned and members of the Board of Education came to them insisting that Sunset Hall was the only building in Terra Alta that could possible house the children. The school moved in and held all six grades until 1949.

The Parrack's remodeled the home, moved in and lived there from 1950 until 1966 when they sold the property to John and Norma Whitehair. The Whitehair's made it their home and also moved the Fike and Watson Funeral Home, which they had purchased from Prentise Watson, into Sunset Hall.

The Whitehair's sold the home and business to Arthur and Sylvia Wright in late 1985 at which time it became known as the Arthur H. Wright Funeral Home. The Wright's continued in business until their retirement in the fall of 1995. At that time Mark C. Spear and Sonia and Rob Greaser went into partnership and purchased the funeral home. 

In August of 2015 Jerry and Jennifer Field purchased the funeral home. Sonia stayed on board and manages the day to day operations and Mark still helps occasionally.